You Will Be Amazed If You . . . .

Today is a day to be more aware.  Awareness is a powerful way to be in the world.  With awareness we have the power to guide our own ship in the direction we want to go.  When we are aware we know what is right for us, and what our needs are.  Most people have not even begun to tap into the awareness that is available to them.  

Awareness is possible if you take the time to
: pay attention to your thoughts, your heart, your emotions, your desires, your body, your soul, your intuitive knowing and more and you will always be guided to the most incredible life.  Here is what is available to you if you commit to being an aware person

Awareness will:

•    Make us more alert to what we want
•    Help us meet our needs
•    Keep us in touch with our thoughts
•    Guide us through the life we have come here to live
•    Show us our purpose
•    Give us a mission in life
•    Deepen the meaning and quality of journey
•    Help us be just who we are
•    Open us to the wisdom of our heart
•    Allow our body knowing to show us the way
•    Let our spirit direct us
•    Expand our consciousness
•    Aid us in exploring our potential
•    Help us take better care of ourselves
•    Open us to our intuitive knowing
•    Show us how to care for others
•    Teach us about compassion
•    Give us the insight needed to he happy
•    Lead us to be better listeners and better partners
•    Empower us to be more powerful creators
•    Enable us to be better citizens
•    Allow us to be open minded and open hearted
•    Help us see how connected we all are to each others
•    Make decision-making more informed
•    Assist us to be better tuned in to ourselves and others
•    Help us escape from our limited thoughts and beliefs
•    Inform us so we can design the highest and best life for ourselves and those we love
•    Help us believe in ourselves
•    Allow us to take on formidable challenges
•    Show us how to be successful
•    Help make our relationships work
•    Show us the way to a prosperous and abundant life
•    Point the way to joy
•    Show us how to tap into the collective consciousness
•    Allow us to find peace
•    Set us free to be all we want to be

Awareness is a gift of the moment.  Take the time to be as aware as you can be and your life will be a reflection of great light and wisdom.