Fox News Is Bad For Your Health

My dad and his wife have the TV on almost all day and it is usually on the news.  The station they get their news from is Fox and frankly I had no idea it was this bad.  Sure the big opinion guys are so biased and misleading but the local news is full of sensation, fear and drama that makes me upset just watching.  If I watched that news nightly, I would be full of fear and distrust and my mental health would be greatly compromised.  

If you watch the news I highly suggest you do it briefly and on a network that isn’t about loud people shouting at you and telling you how screwed up the world is.  Fox News is really not news but fear based sensationalism and biased opinion.  You can get real news from newspapers and the web and that way you can select what you want to let impact you.  The local Fox network is all about murder, crime and the grime of life.   The opinion people were all shouting at each other like the viewers really needed to hear their slants on things.  The tone was disgusting as if they represented the lowest of human opinion and thought.  

I cannot imagine how you would feel about life in general if you watch that kind of stuff regularly.  If I watched that regularly at night and then went to sleep, I am sure I would have awful nightmares and possibly experience serious depression.  It speaks highly of humans who can watch that kind of negative stuff and not become totally deranged.   

I highly encourage you to take a total fast from TV nightly news.  If you want to keep up, read the newspaper or the website you can trust to give you fair news.  This is not only important for your own health and sanity but also for the good of the nation.  This kind of misinformation makes you a citizen who doesn’t even know what is really going on.  The research I have read says those that watch Fox News are the most misinformed about significant issues.  We need people who are informed and with heart now more than ever.   If you watch Fox you heart has to be shielded against the fear driven world they mislead you to think exists out there.

There is much for us all to do to make things better and it starts with us having an open mind and an open heart.  

Have a peaceful and loving week.