The Human Eating Dragon Of Driven Doing

Do you ever feel anxious about life?  Does it ever seem like you are too wound up inside.   Can you feel yourself at time too caught up in the dramas and tensions of life?  Do you just keep pushing forward sometimes when you just need to slow down and relax.  This is the kind of world you and I live in where there is lots of anxiousness, tension, and people pushing themselves forward in a survival mode.

I noticed lately that my days are full of doing; trying to get stuff done.  I am working at getting ahead, trying to make progress for a better future.  Unfortunately, in the process of moving forward, I sometimes lose the present.  It is very easy to be busy in the now and not enjoy the moment.  Life and what you want pulls you forward oftentimes at the cost of not really being able to appreciate the moment-to-moment gifts and joys of life.

This going all the time in our activities feels less than a fully healthy way to live.  Being focused is great but no down-time can leave you and I uptight and unable to let go of the frenzy of doing.  Here are some ideas to break loose from the human eating dragon called driven doing for the future / spinning the wheels in hope of a better tomorrow.  

•    Take short breaks throughout the day and just slow down and breathe more deeply.  
•    Get clear what you want to accomplish, set a course for success and plan time for relaxation every day
•    At the end of the day take some time to release and let go of the accumulated tension
•    Go for a slow and relaxed walk, during your lunch hour, at the end of your day or whenever you can fit one in
•    Eat food that makes you feel good and be careful not to eat just to soothe your discomfort
•    Set a plan for exercise but be careful not to make it another thing you do that keeps you uptight
•    Take a nap when you are tired, or get up and walk around, or just sit in appreciation of the moment
•    Laughter can break a cycle of overdoing.  Being playful and having fun are absolutely important
•    Take time even if for short breaks to express your creativity.  You can doodle, write short poems, jot down inspired ideas
•    Quieting the mind is important.  Meditation is a powerful way to slow the mind down.  
•    Listen to your heart; it will guide you as to the best ways to be open and giving.  Giving and receiving love heals
•    Write in a journal you process and progress and to keep track of your inner landscape of thoughts, emotions and beliefs.  Make sure you are supportive of yourself
•    Self-care is very important.  That means taking care of your mind, body, heart and spirit.  If you neglect any one of these areas, the rest suffers
•    Say no to what you don’t want or have to do.  Say yes to enjoy what you love
•    Pet and play with your dog or cat more.  Watch, they have a lot to teach you
•    Try to stop doing every moment and instead just be and enjoy

I hope you find these ideas helpful.  I wrote them for you and as a reminder to myself.  This is the time of year to break from the old cycles and to put more fun in your days.  Please join me and relax more and let the joy flow through your day.