Your Healing Story For 5 Years From Now

What is holding you back in your life at this time?  I want to invite you to write a 2-5-page story about you and your life 5 years into the future. Think big; imagine a positive life filled with healing, insights, opportunities and success.  Below are some ideas to help stimulate your thinking about your expanded life.  They are just guideline and you do not need to include all or any of them in your story.  

Have fun and let yourself be expressed in this story.    Explore these ideas if you choose to:

State of mind
Physical health
Emotional well-being
Spiritual life
Social life
What are you focused on for personal growth
What is your purpose in life?
Career and work life
What you do for fun?
Interests, hobbies, recreational
How do you keep fit?
How do you express yourself creatively?
What healing has taken place in the family you grew up in?
What have your forgiven and moved on from?
What was the turning point early in your life?
Who have been the most helpful people in staying helping you get on the right track?
How well have you done financially?
What do you want to accomplish next in your life?
What have been the biggest surprises in life?
What do you now see as your strengths?
What new beliefs did you create to make you successful?
What have you learned about love?
How have you become a more aware and conscious human being?

Fill you story with lots of positive words like you can find at this site:

Take the story and put it somewhere you can review it regularly and then five years later be surprised by all the wonderful things that happen as you had imagined.  If you can imagine it, you can make it happen.

Have fun with this healing story for yourself and let me know how it goes.