Find That Which Is Limitless In You

I hope you took the time to do the healing story for yourself from yesterday’s blog.  If not I highly encourage you to do so in the next week or so.  I work with people who are in treatment for their addictions and the 5 years healing story was a powerful exercise.  The stories they came up with will help them in their recovery.

This exercise is not only for the seriously troubled, it is also very beneficial for those who want to move forward with life and to get clear about the kind of future they want to create.  I wrote my own story and it was very specific about the life I want to have in 5 years.  This life became possible because I can imagine it now and starting putting together the building blocks so things will come into the reality of my life 60 months from now.  If I think I can make it happen, if I can feel it as a possibility, if I can sense it, imagine it and open to these new and improved possibilities  then I have a wonderful chance of this expansive life becoming real.  

I believe that if I get clear and clear out of my own way then anything is possible and probable.  The clear out piece may be the trickiest.  By that I mean that my old thoughts and beliefs even though I have worked on erasing them, still may linger in my unconscious road blocking that which I desire.  I suspect that that is true for you too.

We all have a collection of programming/conditioning from our earlier years that provide barriers to the flow of abundance and success we want.  The gamut of faulty beliefs of not deserving, not enough, no ok etc. can be hard to over-ride.

Hang in there and keep on taking deeper and deeper examinations of limiting self-talk, thoughts, beliefs and emotions.  Everyone of those limits are ultimately self-imposed even though they came from other people and situations.  The reason that is true is because in this moment, our only true impediment to success and the life we long for is the person you look in the mirror on most days.  Yes you and I get in our way more than anyone or anything.

Today and each day you are encourage to listen inward and sneak- up on any self-imposed limits that may be rushing through your misinformed mind, past muscle memory or less than open heart.

Take back you and your life by fully allowing the open and rich flow of all that is possible.  There simply is no limit in the universe, so there is not limit in you.