The Moral High Ground Is An Illusion

My wife had knee surgery yesterday morning and they cleaned up some stuff that has been keeping her from doing what she wants to do.  The surgery was not very invasive and the recovery should be quick.  She does not have the same knee problems nor the golf swing of Tiger Woods but she loves to keep fit and play golf.  Hopeful we will be out hacking away again before long.  

Speaking of Tiger, I have been reading people making comments lately about him getting mad out on the golf course when things don’t go well.  They were critical and someone made a comment about his behavior was a bad moral example.  I have seen the word moral use more often lately and it got me thinking.  I looked up moral in the dictionary and found it having to do with judging people and their actions as either good or bad.  

I find it interesting that so many people who come from a traditional/conservative Christian point of view are so full of judgment of others.  Is that really the point of their highest teachings of love and compassion?  How come those that have so many opinions of right and wrong feel it is their job to judge others?

Moral, from the point of view of right and wrong, is used more like a blunt instrument on those who are judged as less than those who feel righteous.   Yet it seems, to so often turn up, that those who claim to by on the higher moral ground end up getting caught in less than morally outstanding situations and behaviors.  Numerous priests, ministers, politicians and other authority figures come to mind.  Those that protest so loudly too often have a shadow side lurking in the muck of what they protest about.  

So if you hear someone throwing around their moral attitude, I suggest you keep clear of them and their beliefs because you will be misguided.  

The higher way, it seems, is to be with people who: value love, compassion and understanding; who know their own human limitation; who accept people for who they are; and who don’t claim to have all the answers but instead see life as a journey full of exploration and growth.  Let your mind be open to the path of your own heart.