Are You Ready To Leap Into Your Greatness?

I have to admit to being a basketball junky and last night was the NBA draft and my favorite team the Portland Trailblazers had a good night.  I enjoy reading about all these players but it is watching them play that is the most fun.  I grew watching lots of sports and over the years have become less interested.  But when it comes to the Trailblazers, especially now that they are in a positive direction again, I just can’t get enough inside information.  

Blogs are great for inside information.  If you read my blog and others you get what interests us and even though I love basketball, I hardly ever write about it because I think peace, consciousness, purpose and progressive ideas/politics are more important to write about.  I write about what stirs me, what inspires my imagination, about what lifts me up from the ordinary and challenges me to be extraordinary.  Speaking of raising yourself up, maybe that is what I like about sports, to see athletes raise their game to new heights in the pursuit of being the best player and team they can be.

I love to watch excellence in action whether it is flying through the air or uplifting the world with thoughts.  What in you wants to be set free enough to fly into a higher stratosphere of personal expression?   If you could leap into any kind of greatness where would you leap?  If you could be your best fantasy of a life, what would it look like?  If you could go for and achieve whatever you desire, what would that be?  

Take a leap like these young players are going to do.  They have an opportunity to be great if they are willing to put in the effort.  There are gifted people and then there are the rest of us who just open up, commit to doing what it takes, and go for what we want.  

Have a good weekend and listen inward to the silent call inviting you to be even more.  There are vast inner resources in you waiting to be tapped.  Have fun exploring and expressing.