Peace and Religion

I hope you have some fun planned for this last weekend of June.  Where did this month go?   I got some very good news this week from a professional editor who reviewed my novel/tale about a blog authored by a God that might be considered not quite traditional.  The editor gave me some very good ideas for making the book better and they shouldn’t take too much time.  I will work on it this weekend so my blog entries will be brief.  Today I want to share with you two quotes, one about peace and the other about peace and religion.  As you know from reading here at my blog these two topics are favorites of mine.   I hope you find some inspiration in these words that could be inspired by the God in my novel.  

It does not mean to be in a place
Where there is no noise, trouble,
Or hard work.  It means to be in
The midst of those things and still
Be calm in your heart.”

“Properly understood, religion can be
a source of peace.  But when it’s interpreted
by egotism, greed and selfishness – the very
things religion is struggling to free us from –
it can become lethal,”
  Karen Armstrong

Have a good day and let peace be part of each moment.