Busy Sunday and Healing Thoughts

This Sunday has been too full of activity.  My nap I just finished was so refreshing and renewing.  So also was the walk through the woods this morning with my wife Bobbi and our your dog Pax.  Nature is such a wonderful healer.  

Since the walk we did our weeks grocery shopping and Sunflower Market.  I checked in with one of my recovery clients who works there.  She is doing ok but could use some support.  We also took Pax to Petco for a self-serve bath.  An the day or rest has flown by way to fast.  

I am doing some inner work/healing and I will write more about that tomorrow because I think you will find my process helpful.  Tapping into the unconscious, into our childhood programming, understanding our interpretations of life, and listening inward to what we can know all allow healing to take place.  This healing may come in the form of rewriting our beliefs or redoing our understandings about life.

Awareness and insight are very helpful for helping you and I as we try to move on from whatever holds us back.