Obama Wins And So Do We, If We Get Involved

Last night Barack Obama got the delegates he needs to be the nominee for president of the Democratic Party.  This was a very historic night and as usual he rose to the occasion with a rousing speech including many kind words about Hillary Clinton.  He is an inspired speaker so much better than we have heard in so long.  

Senator Obama and by November President-elect Obama has run an incredible campaign with a record number of small donors and many people passionate about his campaign.  His campaign is about change and it doesn’t take long to figure out what needs to be changed after the 8 years of really disappointing leadership in the White House.

Together with Obama we citizens must work to bring about these absolute necessary changes if our nation is to thrive once again:

•    We need universal health care for all Americans so we can catch up with all other modern nations and show compassion for every citizen
•    We need to join with the other nations to protect the planet or our quality of life on the Earth will be ruined for us and future generations
•    We need to get out of Iraq and end the occupation that is only about the pursuit of power and greed led by this administration
•    We need to stop putting so many people in prison and on medication for their behavior and find better ways to deal with those who need healing
•    We need to take care of the infrastructure of this country or it will cause major problems
•    We need to limit the influence of money and corporations on Congress, the Executive Branch and the election process.
•    We need to make the tax laws fair to everyone not only for the advantage of the rich
•    We need to stop living in fear about terrorist and instead join with all nations and contain these small radical movements
•    We need to encourage the free expression of all points of view and be guided by wisdom not extreme beliefs.
•    We need to fill our education system with leading edge ideas, the best science, creativity, critical thinking, emotional well-being, health and self-care and the ways of compassionate understanding
•    We need to come to some kind of fair policies for all immigrants
•    We need to stop creating more debt with other nations and have sound fiscal policies for the good of all citizens
•    We need to alter our trade agreements so the people benefit not the corporations
•    We need to better regulate banks, the mortgage business and their credit cards profit centers
•    We need to stop giving tax breaks to oil companies with record profits
•    We need to better distribute the wealth because it is not working as it is set up now unless you are very wealthy
•    We need to end the influence of religion in politics.  Religion is personal practice not a political force
•    We need to encourage the sheeple of the nation to become people again and be educated citizens not ponds of rigid thinking and closed minded points of view
•    We need to end hate, unkindness, injustice, hunger, poverty, and ego driven greed and the pursuit of power
•    We need to plan and act for the good of the people and for future generations
•    We need to join the world community and work together for the good of all.  

What else would you add to this list?  Let’s return this country to greatness while we encourage the greatness of all nations.  You are needed to join this mission for change.  Are you ready to contribute?