Thought Jail or Thought Heaven

My busy life has been too full of doing and less full of being.  I don’t understand where all the time goes and why I have such little time to just enjoy life.  I keep on thinking it will get better and I am sure it will.  I have tried the best ideas and studied the experts, affirmed lots of positive phrases, and still my thoughts try to tell me that I am not where I want to be.

Of course any sense of hopelessness is only a set of thoughts.  I have found that the more I focus on what isn’t working the more I find myself frustrated.  If I instead focus on what is working, what I have to be grateful for, and all the beauty and wonder of life then my life feels better and I see all the positives that are happening.

My thoughts shape my reality.  My feelings are the results of what I think.  If doubt creeps in and I start feeling worried or afraid then it is my thoughts that get me off course.  I am sharing this variety of thoughts and their influence because I am hoping to help you see that all thoughts are just thoughts and only as real as you make them.  I am struggling if I think I am.  I am fearful if I think I am.  I feel alone if I think I am.  I feel dissatisfied if I focus on what isn’t ok.  

I feel as if I am rambling on but for the purpose of letting you know that thoughts are not real, just what we make them.  They only hold as much meaning as we give our thoughts.  My invitation to you is to pay attention to what you are thinking.  Is the thinking making you upset, afraid or angry?  If so, it is time to change your thinking.  If you are thinking thoughts that make you happy, peaceful, free and loving then keep up the good work.    

Keep your thoughts focused on the results you want and how wonderful it will be to achieve the life you desire.  Remember what you focus on expands.