Beliefs To Explore For Freedom

My sister and her family have arrived.  They spent the last few days in Estes Park exploring Rocky Mountain National Park and now we get to show them around Boulder and the mountains near by.   My posting may be erratic the next few days but when I can I will write.

I have been thinking about personal freedom again and I keep on coming back to the importance of what we think and feel.  Also the old beliefs that we acquired as we grew up have long influenced our thoughts and what we felt about things, others, situations, and ourselves.  A careful examination of what we believe to be true or reality is important on a regular basis.  If it is true it will be clear, if the belief needs updating that will also become clear. 

Faulty beliefs that could be banging around in your head and need revision include:

•    You are not deserving of the life you want
•    You are not ok in some way
•    Having desires is wrong
•    You should be in the state of fear
•    Love is not the answer to all the problems
•    Money is bad
•    People can’t be trusted
•    Gay people are not ok
•    Judging others is expected
•    War is ok
•    Wanting and taking power at any cost is acceptable
•    Profit as a driving force to rationalize corporate irresponsibility is acceptable
•    Arrogance is acceptable for those in power
•    Women should give up their power to men
•    God is a vengeful damning force
•    Sin really exists
•    Others know more about our truth than we do
•    It is best to let those in authority tell us what to do
•    We should all live in fear of a small band of terrorist
•    Torture is ok in any form
•    Illegal imprisonment is ok if we are afraid
•    Racism and hate is acceptable in any form
•    There is nothing you can do about depression
•    Universal health care is socialism
•    Compassion for others is a sign of weakness
•    Your are victim of others and circumstances
•    The rational mind is better than the knowing heart

Explore all your ideas and beliefs and see where they come from.  Do they come from a place of true knowing inside or are they learned and faulty?  Keep on asking and become a more conscious human being.