15 Personal Virtues To Explore and Express

Last night I did a therapy group on taking a moral inventory for those I am working with in addiction recovery.  We had a very interesting discussion about the following virtues.  If you can share this exercise with others there will be more opportunities for insight.  Insights can help you grow more comfortable with yourself.   Take a few minutes to rate your realization of these virtues on a scale of 1 – 10, 1 means no understanding, 10 means fully part of who you are.

1.    Gratitude – do you feel grateful for what you have and do you show appreciation to those who you value?
2.    Kindness – do you act with kindness towards yourself and in most of your interactions with others?  
3.    Compassionate – do you feel for the struggles of others, is your heart open to knowing about those you care about and those in your life?
4.    Humility - are you humble or is your ego in need of lots of reassurance, are you arrogant or prideful?
5.    Accepting – are you accepting of others and their differences or are you judgmental?
6.    Peaceful – do you tend to let things go, are you calm inside, do you get easily upset or angry?
7.    Bold – are you willing to ask for what you want, do you take risks toward to reach your goals?
8.    Trusting – do you tend to trust yourself and others, do you doubt others and tend to not believe them?
9.    Self-disciplined – do you have determination and follow through, can you keep on going when you need to?
10.    Giving – are you a giver as well as a receiver, are you generous or tight about helping others?
11.    Forgiving – do you hold on or move on, are you living in the past or being in the now?
12.    Mindful – are you able to just be in the present moment aware and awake to your body, thoughts and emotions, can you still your mind?
13.    Purposeful – do you have a mission in life, what are you here to do and make happen?
14.    Passionate – what are you passionate about, what matters to you and what do you do with lots of energy and joy?
15.    Loving – is your heart open, do you feel caring in a way that is inclusive of all others?

What virtues are your strengths and what virtues need to grow in you?  I hope you found this helpful and encouraging in a way of feeling positive about yourself and more aware of growth you want to explore.  

Is there a greater virtue than love?