Is That A Shift We Feel Happening?

So we are off to another summer week and things are heating up.  What has been heating up in your mind lately?  What has you spinning around mentally trying to cool off?  I talked to a young man in grad school working with disabled children this summer and he said he has trouble sleeping at night because his mind won’t shut down.  I suggested meditation but he is already taking a sleeping medication and is just fine with that.  Are you wired up to?  I know it feels like that planet is buzzing lately, maybe that’s just us with busy lives.  Are there people out there who aren’t busy?  

I ask genuinely if there are people out there who are not going faster than ever.  Maybe this hyper state is a precursor to some monumental planetary shift or just all of us getting pulled into some kind of energetic game of twister.  I will speculate that this is a rich time for humanity to make a big shift.  The writing is on the wall, or maybe not but there is something going on and I suspect you can feel it.  Is that true?

The shift has to do with humanity, which seems to have been languishing in ego based struggle for far too long.  Isn’t it past time for people to wake up to their greater potential to understand and have true compassion?  The other part of the possible shift is that we will tune in more so they can better connect to others.  In other words, as we find ourselves and understand our thoughts and emotions, we will have an increased capacity to listen and fully relate to others.  Even the densest of energy can move when there is the light of insight shining on it.

 Do you feel like part of a shift that is, like a wave, picking up steam?  Or will you be an observer standing on the sidelines as the whirl of consciousness blows through?  

I just watched a video by a Spiritual Teacher from India that says the shift begins in earnest on the 17th of this month and it will start a slow but profound transformation of what it means to be human.  I, for one, am glad that things are changing because we seem at least stuck if not heading in the wrong direction as humans, as a nation and as a planet.  Are you ready for a roller-coaster ride to a higher expression of humanity?

Stay tuned and we will discover as we go.  If we are flexible and open, there will be new opportunities for personal freedom.