There Are So Many Needs, How Can You Help?

Explore Life Blog Has 500 Blog Posts and Going Strong

I just past my 500th blog post and feel very positive about all that I have accomplished since I started this blog about a year and half ago.  Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! The reason I have been so successful at writing here is that I have an absolute passion for inspiring the best in people.  For 35 years now I have been working as a counselor/coach and teacher with my purpose of encouraging people to fully explore their potential.  We all have unlimited potential and this blog is an expression of my writing potential and my desire to raise consciousness both individually and as a way to help bring out the best in our nation and humanity in general.  

I write because I feel this is important whether I have a few readers or thousands doesn’t really matter.  What matters and gives my life meaning are those who I can touch in some positive way and invite in them a fuller expression of who they are.  

My small part is what I am here to do.  What are you here to do?  If you were totally free today and able to create your life just how you want it, what would you do to make a positive difference?  

Here are some things needed, do any of them match with your interests, passions or desires:
•    There is a need for consciousness and awareness everywhere
•    There is a great need for food for those who are hungry
•    There is our planet Earth that needs people to help make sure it stays healthy
•    There are elderly people having grave financial problems due to medical cost and poor insurance and they need help
•    There are children who need mentoring
•    There are people who are homeless
•    There is a need for people in elected office who have high values, who are beyond greed and the lust for power
•    There are people who needed visitors or food delivered to their homes
•    There are many who need advocacy to deal with their problems
•    There are many with mental health problems who need help so they are not put in jail or prison
•    There are many with alcohol and drugs problems that need help to get free
•    There are many laws that need to be reevaluated to access whether they are for the good of the people
•    There are many abused people who need help to break the cycle of abuse
•    There are people needed to protect our water, our streams our oceans
•    There are people needed to protect the quality of our air
•    There are those that need help with debt, mortgage and financial issues
•    There are people very confused by beliefs that need to be explored in search of the truth.
•    There is a need for more creative expression
•    There is a need for more technological innovation
•    There are so many needs, what do you want to do to help?