2100+ Bush Signings Puts Him Above The Law

Sometimes I feel like I don’t want to write about politics here at my blog but I do anyway.  I do so as I did yesterday because I feel our nation is at a very critical time and we need to all show up and make a difference anyway we can.  Sure it seems there are many people to blame for what is going on but in fact the ones to blame are us.  We have for too long kept away from the workings of our government because we felt powerless, or distain for the process, didn’t think it really mattered, ignored it, or whatever went through our minds about what is going on?

There is much going on and frankly it can be difficult to keep up and to know what is real.   There is so much misinformation and straight out lies spread about over and over and soon the truth gets shrouded in this fog of confusion.  There is where it takes some inner work to keep on track.  This is where consciousness, awareness, and our intuition help us find our way.  This is where you have to follow your gut and listen to your heart.  This inner work, which I write about often, is key in being an active participant in the democratic process.   

Friday evening is the Bill Moyer's Journal on PBS.  I try to watch that most weeks because it almost always expands my awareness of the political process.  Last night two conservative writers were on and they shared that the Republican Party is not acting conservative at all but more in the pursuit of power.  The writers and Bill Moyer agreed that this president is much more like a monarchy with his blatant disregard for the laws.  He has personally acted above the law at least 2100 times when he took legislation passed by Congress and wrote his own way out of having to follow the laws.   This is unheard of grab for power by this very misguided president

The arrogance of this should have every American standing up and demanding accountability today.  We are witnessing an imperial presidency and Congress is completely asleep at the wheel.  These special signings of the President has never happened in this way.  He simply thinks he can do whatever he wants and it doesn’t seem to matter what is best for the country or the people.

This is why consciousness, truth seeking and awareness of what is going on is critical.  We have to pay attention to our sense of what is right, our knowing, our questioning and our urges to be outraged, to speak up, to demand that there be changes for the good of all.  

I can’t say enough about how important it is to read things that question what is going on.  Here are three sites I checkout regularly where what is going on is questioned:  www.buzzflash.com,  www.commondreams.org and www.huffingtonpress.com .  Yes they are all on the progressive end of the spectrum and I am sure there are sites on the genuinely conservative end.  

Have a good weekend and please become an active participant in democracy in any way you can.