Only People Power Can Change The Course of Our Nation

If you turn on the news you might have heard this: the bad FISA bill passing; hearing John McCain guarantee he will balance the budget and win the war in Iraq in his first term; seeing that Karl Rove refuses to testify before congress; that McCain refuses to comment about insurance companies covering Viagra but not contraceptives; Phil Graham campaign advisor for McCain said the nation is only in mental recession and full of whiners.  One has to wonder how much longer will people put up with what is going on in capital.  

The more I listen, the more I try to figure out what is going on the more sure I am that the ways of our government has lost touch with the what is right and for the good of the people.  The unchecked spying on Americans is so against what is right.  The FISA bill is our rights being sold out by those who should be looking out for the people and what is right.  The lies of politicians keep on going and we the people seem to put up with it.  

Rove not showing up before Congress fits with the culture of not taking responsibility for what they do.  Those in Congress and especially the White House seem to think they can tell us what they want at anytime to cover their tracks.  Is that ok with you?  The President and Congress are at record low levels of approval.  It seems time to vote them all out and anyone who looks like they will continue as things have been.

John McCain is trying to separate himself from this administration but he just hired a Bush person to head his campaign and his policies are not any different from the disaster this administration has left the country in.  How could anyone think things will change under his direction?  They will not.  

The attack machines are ramping up to try and spread fear and misinformation.  Why because it is an election year and a nation of people in fear is much easier to control.  Don’t buy that fear they are trying to shovel down our throats because it is not true.  The greatest danger to America are the people in DC which includes our elected officials and those who deal in financial influence, not a small band of mad terrorist.

I read that someone said the Obama was a kind of Manchurian Candidate who came out of nowhere.  That sounds like a movie made real but really if you look at that ideas/movie Bush is more the Manchurian Candidate who came into power in a kind of mysterious ways (Florida miscounts etc) and then destroys the nation with lies, a war that never needed to happen, a complete destruction of our budget surplus, torture, breaking the laws on spying on Americans, huge no bid contracts for corporate friends, scientific research results being altered by the VP to take out the dangerous findings and on and on.  If there every was a mystery candidate(s) destined to overturn the power of America it is George and Dick.  

I hope you are doing all you can to be informed.  Become your own investigative reporter.  The web is a huge resource full of information that is more accurate and more helpful than the corporate nightly news.  

The definition of Liberal is open-minded and frankly I see that as the only hope for our nation.  The old traditional ways got us in this mess.  We are not a nation of whiners, (as those in power and extreme wealth might want us to think) we are a people who think on our own, who question, who expect the truth, and who know there is a better way than what we have been seeing over the past 8 years and more.   Lets join together with those around us who care, and work for what can be a better America for and by the people.