The Inspiration Of The Tour De France

It is the Tour De France time of year and a joy to watch on Versus TV (  Every place they ride through makes me want to hop on a plane and go there to appreciate the beauty of France and all its history.  I enjoy bike riding myself and would love to ride some of the courses but they are too long and some too steep.  

What I am impressed with is the dedication and fitness level these guys have as they push their bodies and attempt to stretch their mind into new levels of possibilities.  As a distance runner I know the feeling of pushing and exploring my limits.  It feels uplifting to see what I can do even when it seems like I have gone as hard and far as I think I can.  

How do you push yourself?  Exploring what you are capable of can be more than just physical.  Think of you mind and how it feels to: learn new things; to wrestle with a problem in search of a solution; stretch you mind around a bigger idea; and to open to higher levels of consciousness.  An open mind knows no limits.

You can push yourself emotionally by allow the full range and color of your emotions to be experienced and expressed in more conscious and satisfying ways.  Emotions as I said yesterday are energy in action as they flow through your body.  You can stretch you heart to be so far open that loving everyone becomes who you are.  You can feel so alive and joyous that you will light up every place you go.  Can you allow yourself to feel in such an expansive way?

You can push yourself to live with such purpose that nothing can hold you back.  You can do what you do with so much passion that everyone else is in awe of your energy and determination.  You can believe so much in what you want that you can gather the forces of the universe to make it happen.  

It is ok to push yourself, to dream big, to think expansively, to feel with infinite love, to know your higher nature in the silence of the fully awake moment.  

You will know a freedom unlike any other when you give everything you got to making what you want happen.  The world will jump for joy in celebration of you going for your best.