Don’t Let Your Emotions Take You Out

Personal Freedom is possible when you fully realize that you are a feeling human being capable of an incredibly wide range of emotions.   Your feelings are real; they are responses to your thoughts and experiences.  Each emotion is energy that is created by the workings of you mind in reaction to what is going on.  You can be lifted high and filled with joy or you can be crying in a puddle of tears compliments of your feelings.  You know because if you are at all alive you have ridden the roller coaster of life with its emotional ups and downs.  

Emotions are neither good nor bad, right or wrong, they are simple your response/reaction.  Let me clarify this by saying, all emotions that you have are acceptable; it is the behavior expressed that is sometimes less than acceptable.  Yes emotions are powerful and you may do things in emotional states that you regret or feel not ok about.  The better approach with feelings is simple to notice and acknowledge them and only act in a way that works for you.   

Freedom begins on an emotional level when you are aware of what you feel and simply watch it as it vibrates through you.  As you well know you can’t really hold onto emotions.  Think of the last time you really felt great.  If you tried to hold onto those feelings they slipped through your fingers.  Emotions come and go on their own and there is no action needed except awareness and a willingness to accept all you feel.  

In a past blog I posted an extensive list of feelings for you to explore to assist you in being more conscious of what is going on inside.   This will help set you free.  The better you can label what you feel the easier it is to acknowledge you as an emotional person.  You and everyone else are emotional.  Many people are just so uncomfortable with feeling that they deny and deny until they numb out.  This numbing process is anything but liberating.  

Your true independence is possible by fully feeling all that flows through you.  This freedom allows you to just be with what is and to appreciate the aliveness that come with the feelings.   Your feelings are truly a gift given to you so that your life is more of a kaleidoscope of possibilities.   Feel free to enjoy.  

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