What Does Equanimity Mean For You?

Today I want to write about a topic that is in alignment with exploring how to create freedom in the form of inner peace and independence.  The concept is called equanimity and is about being in a state of balance and non self-interference.  This is balance of mind, body, heart, emotions and spirit, where each aspect is understood, acknowledged and taken care of for our own good.  

The non self-interference is about staying out of our own way by having a calm and receptive mind, by being open in out heart, by doing our bodies no harm, by acknowledging and expressing our emotions, and by being receptive to our higher nature.  

Here are qualities of equanimity worth exploring:

•    Living in integrity by speaking and being your truth.  In this state your word is powerful and can be trusted.  You feel free to express yourself when you are aligned with what you know is true.  Pay attention to the words you think and speak and make sure they are congruent with what you value.
•    Developing your mind as a powerful ally in your life.  This mind is clear and mindful. Mindfulness is the freedom of being fully aware.  Pay attention to what is going on inside and out.
•    Cultivating and enhancing your sense of well-being.  Self- care is nurturing yourself to feel fully healthy and alive.  Aliveness is freedom to fully express.  Pay attention to what matters to your body and your life force.
•    Seeking understanding and wisdom comes about from being aware and awake to each moment.  This is the higher path beyond just the rational.  Freedom is an inquiring mind.  Pay attention to what your thirst to know and understand.
•    Having the insight of seeing into the true nature of things as they are.  You can let go when you see the impermanence of all things.  Letting go is freedom.  Pay attention to what you are hanging onto outside the light of insight.
•    Releasing the reactivity in you makes you present to what is.  You are free when you no longer are riding the waves of what other people think or feel.  Pay attention to when your mind, heart or body contract, this is where there is release needed.  

I hope you find these ideas provocative enough to make you want to find your balance and still fully be active in the world.   Getting out of your own way is very liberating.