Make Today Full of Thoughts Of Personal Freedom

Another of way of setting yourself free is to take a bulldozer and clear out your past.  The past in this case is the life experiences and memories that hold you back in today’s world.   Anything you feel bad about, regrets you may have, people you need to forgive, old ideas and beliefs that limit you, and the unfinished business you may have with past situations, jobs, relationships etc.  All the stuff from yesterday that still runs through your thoughts today.  

The place to begin is with your self-talk.  Pay close attention to what your self-talk is saying to you and where it came from.  Any critical and judging self-talk is learned and most likely came from parents, teachers, ministers or other people of influence as you grew up.  This inner dialogue needs to be updated so that it reflects your highest states of consciousness and awareness and not the limited programming you received growing up.

This updating is a constant process.  Be aware that you are the programmer of your thoughts even if others have left their mark in the past.  Today you can have any thoughts you want, all you have to do is direct them to fit with the kind of results you want.  This is not a simple task; it needs to be done with lots of awareness and mindfulness.

Self-talk if it is unconscious can run you off course for many years if you don’t take back the mind from its past.   Take the mind back by being aware of what is going in your thinking.  Forgive what needs to be released.  Let go of what you been needlessly hanging on to.  Clear up unfinished business, that stuff that drains energy from you because it needs to be completed.  If you have unexpressed emotions about the past, you may feel discomfort in your body.  That discomfort needs to be taken care of or it will leave you unhealthy and bothered.  This is old stuff is anything but freedom.

Lastly today, I invite you to pay particular attention to any ideas or beliefs that may have put a damn in the flow of your life.  Ideas or beliefs about not deserving, not being enough, and in some way not ok are just simply faulty beliefs.  That means these beliefs bouncing around in your head are not true, just something you learned.  Move on and allow nothing less than your full acceptance of who you are and the loving of yourself no matter what.  Anything less means you are holding you back.

Your independence is just a thought away.  Think consciously and with compassion and you will be free.