Freedom Is In The Heart

Yesterday I wrote about the one of the lease conscious in talking about Rush Limbaugh.  I did so because he represents a large part of our country, which tends to be dysfunctional on an emotional, compassionate and higher knowing level.  Dysfunctional in that there is a dominance of the past, of holding onto the negative, of limited thinking, of fear driven decision making, of faulty beliefs, of a false sense of sureness driven by thoughts without heart.  The great rational mind is mostly useless without heart.

So as part of the work to free our lives, there is a need to have a heart that is open and willing to feel.  You and I were given a heart to feel, to love, and to sense the truth.  This ability to sense beyond the rational is one of the great gifts we were given.  Having compassion and being able to love, make our lives worth living.  Human nature at its highest is about love as the great teachers have all told us.  

Fear is the opposite of love.  Fear is the contracted state in which we protect ourselves.  Much of the world’s problems are about people and nations being fear.  Expanding the state of fear is the way governments for centuries have controlled the masses.  This small band of terrorist that has the world held hostage at this is time is because we allow fear to run us.  There is no doubt that all terrorism would be eliminated is we showed love and compassion for all human beings.  When all basic needs are met there are not terrorists.

The best thing we can do as individuals is to listen to our fears and then call on our heart to teach us a higher way to resolve the problems.  There can be no real fear when we have an open heart.  

If you as an individual want to make yourself totally free, you must follow the wisdom of your heart and let love be your guiding force.  I will write more the power of love in the coming weeks.  Please let your heart shine.