Why Do Guys Listen To Rush Limbaugh?

(Excuse my rant today but I had to say something about this man who seems like such a destructive force.  I will return to my focus of personal independence tomorrow.)

Recently I read the Rush Limbaugh sign a contract for 400 Million dollars and he said he was going to keep doing his radio show until everyone thought like he did.  This is a man with a massive ego and arrogance that is off the scales.  I can’t imagine why anyone would listen to him but many guys do.  People who spend so much time take inventory of others usually have a poor sense of self.  His moral superiority is enough to make me wonder about what he has hiding in his dark side.  The world already knows that prescription drugs have been one of his nemeses.   What else lurks in the underbelly of such a person that spreads so much hate and misinformation?

I have some theories as to why guys listen to Rush.  What do you think?  Here are some possibilities:

They listen because they are angry and don’t know what to do with all they feel inside
They have lazy minds and prefer to have others tell them how to think
They have self-loathing for who they are
They have worked in jobs where they only saw the worst in people (police, military, prison guards are examples)
They watch Fox News and actually believe all the misinformation and opinions there
They have lost touch with their hearts and are unable to feel compassion
They have for too long denied their emotions and are now a volcano of repression
They have become desperate about life and hateful about the future
They have experienced hurt and loss and never healed
They have lost touch with the Spirit in themselves
They ignored their purpose and are living against what they know it right for them
They are sad or depressed and don’t know how to get help
They have an alcohol or drug problem and are stuck at the emotional maturity level of a young upset teenager.  

Whatever the reason, we need to find a way to bring these guys back home to their hearts and to a sense of humanity that it positive, hopeful, accepting, compassionate and willing to understand.