Yeah For Independence Day

Happy 4th of July to you!  I so much appreciate the idea of an Independence Day celebration.  This particular holiday is in honor of our country breaking from the oppression of British rule.  That breaking from the rule of others set our nation on a powerful course to greatness.  Today I want to request that you to declare yourself free from the oppression of you thoughts, your limiting beliefs, your past conditioning, your emotional memories, your fears and anything else that may be holding you back from being free.

We were a nation built on freedom.  This freedom is in trouble today because we have gone far too long without setting ourselves free, without declaring our own independence from our past and our fears.   I invite you to take some time today and over the next few days to assess what in your past is holding you back and what fears are keeping you from your fullest expression.  This self-assessment is important because you are your own greatest oppressor.  Isn’t it time you freed yourself once and for all?

The following are some ways we hold ourselves back in a world that seems so fear driven:

•    Watching nightly news feeds your fears and it totally misrepresents the reality of your community and the world
•    Believing what you were told growing up without questioning it as an adult
•    Giving authority to those in power when you and I should be taking back the power of the people
•    Allow your past to limit you today by not reprogramming your mind
•    Letting your self-talk be judgmental and self-critical and not supportive and loving
•    Blocking your heart off so you are not hurt instead of being open to love
•    Closing your mind to the ideas of others being sure you know better
•    Losing touch with your compassionate heart as you judge others as not ok
•    Finding and focusing on the faults of yourself and others keeps you down
•    Blaming and complaining zaps your energy and attracts more crap to blame and complain about
•    Forgetting that you are one with the creative source of the universe and connected to every living thing
•    Not paying attention to your intuition and inner knowing that is there to set you free
•    Forgetting there is a stream of well-being available through your higher self if you are open to receive

None of the above are bad, they are just the way you and I have limited ourselves by way of the influences in our lives.  What else holds you back?  

As you explore and find your own limits, hold them in the light of your heart and then let them go.  Start freeing yourself today by releasing the past and saying goodbye to fear.  

The most powerful limits are within your mind and the only real terrorists are your thoughts and a closed heart.  

Peace and Happy Independence Day to you!!!