Desire, Design, Deserve, Destiny

I was contemplating personal freedom and these four words came to me.  Let me tell you about each idea because they are powerful.

Desire is to want something more in your life.  Desire is a very powerful urge in you to further express yourself.  This urge calls you to be more and express more.  Sure there are desires that are less important but everything that you want has a purpose.  Some would even say a higher purpose.  If inside this call is heard then you know it is important.  Desire and purpose are closely related.  They are guiding forces inviting the best in you.  What is the most powerful desire you feel right now?

Design means to plan and create what you can envision.  To design your life means to take charge of your thoughts and feelings so that they align with the energy needed to create what you want.  A design that matters to you is filled with your life force and you are inspired to make it happen.  The urge to be creative is a powerful one.  You are here to design your life to make a difference for you and those you touch.  What are you feeling the call to design, to create, to manifest in the world?

Deserve means that you have come to the place of realization that you are somebody worth knowing, that you have something to offer, to you are ok just as you are.  This sense of deserving can feel like a real lifetime project.  Make it brief instead because then you will get out of your own way.  Nothing holds us back more than our selves.  You know that because you have felt yourself limiting what is possible.  Real freedom comes when you love yourself and get out of the way of the flow of the universe.   How to you doubt yourself today and are you willing to let that go?

is what you have come here in this life to express.  Your unique and amazing mission is unlike anyone else’s.   There never was nor will there ever be anyone here on this planet just like you. Only you can do what you are here to do.  Is that clear?  You and only you have what it takes to accomplish your mission.  Your destiny if you choose to accept it, is to free yourself to be the greatness inside waiting to be expressed.  Are you willing to go for it starting today?  

The world is in waiting for you to express yourself as fully and completely as you can.  Are you ready to start now?.  Ok Begin!