An Open Mind Equals Personal Freedom

Yesterday I wrote about mindfulness as a powerful step toward your true independence.  I will share more about mindfulness as we go forward.  Today however I wanted to write about the freedom that comes from an open mind.  What is an open mind and how do you and I open ours and keep it open?

An open mind is one that is able to take in a variety of ideas and be comfortable with a wide range of possibilities.  To be open a mind has to put aside the judging of everybody and everything as either good or bad.  An open mind is impartial and able to see things from a variety of points of view.  An open mind can see the bigger picture beyond the biases and beliefs.

An open mind is a wonderful asset for all of humanity.   Here are a few ways to checkout if your mind is open or not:

•    Can you appreciate points of view opposite of yours?
•    Can you rise above the moral judging and see the greater truth?
•    Can you explore other perspectives and be open to expanding yours?
•    Can you see the connection we all share and feel the unity of all things?
•    Can you let go of past beliefs and now search for truth?
•    Can you listen with compassion and be receptive to how others view the world?
•    Can you see beyond black and white, either or, this or that?
•    Can you keep your mind open to those who don’t live up to your expectations?
•    Can you bring yourself to think bigger and experience more of what life has to offer?
•    Can you imagine that you are just a speck on a tiny planet situated in a huge galaxy, surrounded by an infinite number of other galaxies?
•    Can you let go of the past and bring your mind and thoughts fully into the present?
•    Can you feel the greatness in you and see it those you interact with?
•    Can you fully and completely accept yourself and others?
•    Can you allow the love and joy that is your nature be fully expressed?

Be the open mind and let you light shine across the universe.