July - Your Month For Real Freedom

Make July Independence Month and set yourself free.  Throughout this month I am going to write at least several articles a week on ways to deepen your awareness, to expand your consciousness, and how to unblock what is holding you back from being the success you want to be.  I am excited about July because my wife and I are going to daily do things to open us up to a rich flow of success and prosperity.  

I want to begin with the idea of Mindfulness and the importance of expanding your consciousness.  To be mindful is to be present to what is going on inside of you at a number of levels.  Mindfulness means you are aware of what you are thinking and your self-talk.  Mindfulness means you are aware of your feelings and the way of your heart.  Mindfulness means you are in touch with your senses, you gut, your intuition, you higher self, your spirit/soul.  Mindfulness means you are awake to all that is around you.  

I invite you to begin paying attention to yourself and all that goes on inside and around you.  Mindfulness takes practice but the rewards are substantial.  The more mindful you are, the better you know how to shape your life.  

Here are some brief mindfulness exercises for you to explore:

•    Become aware of your breath throughout the day.  This brings you into the present moment.
•    Notice what your senses are aware of during whatever you are doing.  This is mindfulness that smells, touches, tastes, sees, and listens.
•    Be aware of your body as you move.  Walking in awareness is a great form of mindfulness practice.
•    Sit quietly and listen inward, become present to your interior landscape.  This will take you deep into your inner knowing.
•    Practice meditation.  There are many forms.  Find a teacher and learn the basic techniques of a particular practice.
•    Sing songs that inspire you and be aware of yourself as you do so.  Singing is also a powerful way to be fully present.
•    Eat with awareness.  Slow down and appreciate each bite.  Eating in a relaxed manner will expand your sense of enjoyment and help you be mindful.
•    Expressing yourself creatively is a wonderful way to practice mindfulness.  When doing art or crafts most are fully in the moment and all you have to do is tune in as you create.
•    Waiting in line, cleaning up, washing dishes, driving to work and much more all can be done mindfully.  Create your own ways of being present and aware.

Welcome to July and may it be very fruitful and liberating to you in wonderful ways.