Changes Are Needed, What Can You Imagine?

Let’s imagine if you will a future for the planet and our nation that would give us all hope.  If we can imagine it, we can together make it happen.  I decided to explore this topic today because as I read through the news about the political process and the limited point of view of so many of our leaders, it becomes increasingly clear that we need to be the leaders.  This blog is about each person coming into their own power and purpose.  Then together we create a conscious and compassion world where everyone has what they need and there is the possibility of a world filled with peace, joy and prosperity.  This is not where we are heading now, so that puts the future in our hands.

I think there are several major areas that are in need of much greater human wisdom and heart:

The first change we must consider is to move away from the fear paradigm.  The predominance of fear today is falsely spread by governments and the news for one purpose only: control.  This has been the case over and over again throughout history.  When the people are stirred into fear, they become willing to do whatever they are told and give up as many rights as they are asked to give up for their supposed safety.  This is the case today more than anytime in history.

As I have written before the true terror organization we should be vigilant about is our present leadership and their uncontested control over the laws and our government.  We are much more in trouble today than most people realize.  This is not to make anybody afraid but to ask us all to wake up to what is going on. 

The opposite of fear is compassion and it comes from the heart and mind working together.  Too often the heart is left out of the decision-making process.  That will never work because what is good for the people gets forgotten when there is no heart.

The second change is we need is to become aware and conscious human beings.  We were given our mind, heart, intuition and our higher consciousness for the purpose of moving the human species forward.  This forward movement is essential but it takes us questioning, exploring, and seeking the truth in any way we can.  If we are asleep at the wheel the only outcome can be a crash.  The deficit is a crash, the economy is a crash and the needless war in Iraq is a crash.  This train wreck called leadership is because the lower nature of humankind is still running the structures of power (corporations and government).  That nature is the thirst for power, the endless greed for more, and the ego that is never satisfied.  

We can no longer survive as a people or planet with the arrogance of men who can’t get enough especially in the name of some God they use to rationalize their heartless ways.  These are severe mental health and human development issues that must be treated not put into power.

Ok that was pretty dreary of an outlook.  Please tell me I am wrong if you see things going well.  Yes there is hope but it will not come from the top down.  Help will only happen from the bottom up.  That is you and I having open minds and hearts, asking questions, being conscious and aware, finding our connections/similarities to each other, having compassion for all who share the planet with us.  Together we can be the agents for the change we want to see.

Imagine a world where the heart understands, the planet is our lungs, the people are awake of their higher nature, the power structures are local and people friendly.  National policy is constructed free of financial influence by people who represent only the people.  In this world everyone accepts and appreciates the unique nature of a variety of cultures, beliefs, and points of view.  Peace is present because people are present to each other.  Compassion and wisdom are guiding forces.  Everywhere people explore and express their uniqueness for the benefit of all.  

Yes there is much to include in the imagining process.  What would you add?  What changes would you make?  How can we all live up to our higher nature?  What other questions do you have and when are you going to ask them?