Two Ways To Source

How do we learn to listen inward to hear the callings of our higher self, our soul, the Divine Source?  Recently I came upon several ideas related to this listening inward.  I would like to share these ideas so that you and I can explore them together.

The first is the importance of quieting down and listening inward.  That is where all the action is as far as consciousness, our intuition, our inner knowing.  If we quiet down enough to hear the words, thoughts, feelings and energy of the wisdom, collective consciousness and divine inspiration that flow through us then we can be free.  Free to know our purpose.  Free to express our potential.  Free to create the life we desire.  Free to be our fullest expression.  

This listening can happen on a quiet walk, in the silence of your drive home, in you home when the TV is off and the radio silent.  It can happen in a flash of insight, a time of mindfulness practice or after time in meditation.  The most important aspects are silence (or at least slowly moving towards being quiet) and a willingness to listen.  In that silence, that stillness and the receptivity all will be shown to those who are willing to listen.

The second way of contact with the higher knowing inside is in the ceaseless prayer of gratitude.  I was reading about a Native American practice of being grateful for everything.  According to this source it says that prayer in this tradition is not about asking for anything rather it is about being grateful for all we have been given.  

Each day a wonderful practice would be to start the day noticing and saying thank you for all that we experience and have.  From the first breath through the meals and interactions to the last aware moment before we sleep.  Living in appreciation for all we have will open us to knowing the Divine Source of all of creation.  

Explore and enjoy the silence and the appreciation for life and be blessed by all we can know and be guided to realize.  This life we have been given is rich with possibilities.