Local, Green, Planet and Bold

It is a beautiful Saturday here in Boulder.  We just got back from riding our bikes to the farmers marketBuying local foods is one of the positive things you can do to support the health of the planet.  Yes variety is wonderful in the winter and most of it comes from elsewhere.  This time of year it just makes more sense to buy from the local farmer and other food producers.  Boulder is very green focused.  We were also doing well by riding our bikes on the wonderful bike paths that make this city # 1 in bike friendliness.  

People who claim there is no reason to be concerned by climate change do so in the face of the best scientific minds on the planet.  That seems to be ignoring the facts.  Is ignoring the reality really the way to go?  If we are all green together we can make a positive difference.    

I am about to go take a nap and get a little more rest after a busy week.  I invite you to rest up too.  There is much to do and our best energy and ideas are needed.

Let the light of the Source shine on and through you so that all minds can be awakened to their potential and consciousness.  If your heart is open, let is give and receive, let compassion be your path.  If your mind is open, let is expand in its wisdom beyond the limited beliefs of those of the past, beyond the contractions of past hurts, and into the limitless possibilities innate in every human being.  Go boldly forward with full trust that you are guided from a higher knowing.  Rest in peace.