Solution Focused Living In More Successful

Today is Sunday (in case you were confused ;-). I am writing my blog today in the cool of my basement and in anticipation of a massage that our friend Heidi will be giving my wife and I.   After that we are having a brainstorming session to help her with ideas for growing this business ideas she has.  Growing businesses can be lots of fun and rewarding.  

I want to switch gears here to share with you some thoughts about the energy shift that is taking place on the planet.  You can feel it inside if you tune in to the expanding sense of self and possibilities that is going on.  You can see it in the whirl of interest in Obama’s tour of the Middle East and Europe.  People are looking to find something to be optimistic about.  You can find it in your own community where there is more local involvement in politics and in compassionate action.  When you focus on the solution rather than the problems, things work out better.

This focus on the solution is a key shift in moving forward for the good of the people and the planet.  When you focus on solutions you are much more creative and innovative.  When you look for what will work, not what is wrong, than your focus and energy flows in a more positive direction.  The more you have what you want in your sights, the better the results.

Here is my challenge for you this week
Every time you see someone or some situation as not ok, notice your judgment, let go, and instead focus on the solution.  If someone is being difficult, focus on a positive outcome.  If the government is letting you down, focus on how to create a responsive government.  If your job is a problem focus on a solution instead.  It could be finding a new job, or speaking up for what you value, or encourage a new more successful direction in strategy.  You can be the person that helps get things back on track.  The more you look for solutions the more options will present themselves.  

Let me know what solutions you focused on and what kind of results you get.  Patience is a great quality and so is persistence.   (Be sure and check out the questions post from Friday if you haven't already)