If Your Are Getting Mixed Results

What challenges do you face this week?  Are your thoughts fired up for success?  Are you focused on the results you want or the problems you face?  Is you heart into what you want/need to do?  Can you picture what success will look like?  Do these challenges align with what you value?  Is there higher purpose in what you are trying to make happen?

These questions are important because to be successful and to create the life you desire you need to have yourself fully engaged.  I have been exploring the topics of mind, emotions, values, imagination, purpose and success throughout this blog and over most of my adult life.  This exploration keeps on teaching me as I go.

You may get mixed results:

•    If your higher purpose is not engaged in what you seek
•    If your heart isn’t into doing what you are doing
•    If you cannot imagine/visualize the results you seek
•    If your mind is not clearly focused
•    If you are only doing this because of others
•    If your emotions are flat
•    If your self-talk is negating
•    If you don’t care enough about what you want
•    If you spend too much time worrying
•    If you see the problems as too big
•    If your values are in conflict with what you are doing
•    If you are sending mixed signals out to the world
•    If you are unsure you deserve
•    If you don’t learn from your mistakes
•    If you don’t course correct as you go
•    If you doubt your own instincts
•    If you ignore your intuition
•    If you seek the approval of others
•    If you feel guilty for what you want
•    If you think money is bad in some way
•    If you think having desires is not ok
•    If you forget what is most important to you
•    If you loose touch with your spirit
•    If you have a self-sabotager inside
•    If you let pride or arrogance drive you
•    If you lack self-discipline
•    If you have doubts about who you are
•    If you give up to easy
•    If you lack patience
•    If you don’t fully believe in what you are going for
•    If you have a closed mind to feedback
•    If you don’t love what you are doing
•    If you are not joyous about your life

As you can see there are a number of ways we can get off track.  I suspect I have tried them all and gotten mixed results.  Take a few minutes to exam each of these this week so that when August comes you will be even better at getting yourself fully aligned to create amazing results.   Enjoy you week and let your insights be rich so you can clearly free yourself to be successful.