More Like A River Than A Rock

Everyone is constantly changing because of your mind, your desires, your choices and your ever-expanding nature.  Today you are not the same person as you were yesterday.  Today you will be changed: by how you view the experiences of your life; by how you move towards what you want and move away from what you don’t want; by the decisions you make; and by your natural tendencies to grow and evolve.  Your life is a never-ending expansion in which you flow with what draws you and learn what it takes to have what you want.  You this moment is the only thing you can count on because the next moment you may see, hear, feel, sense or think something that permanently alters how you see the world and how you choose to be in it.  This all-just means you are more like a river of information and energy flowing than a non-moving hard rock.  (There are however some of you who are very hard headed ;-)

I know this being in constant change may seem unsettling when you first become aware of it, but once you know the reality of it you soon can adapt and use this knowing to your advantage.   Instead of being rock solid, your streaming nature allows you to be adaptive and change in ways that work best for the achievement of your desires.  In other words, you can change to meet your needs.  You are not as stuck as your mind and past may try to convince you that you are.  In every moment you can have new awareness, insights and intuitions that set you free of your self-limiting ideas and thoughts.  

You have all the information you need at any moment to course correct and head your life in a better direction or more effectively where you want to go.  You can make your life today a clear reflection of what you want and desire.  So with this in mind, where do you want to go and what do you want to make happen?

If you want to learn more about this ever flowing you, I suggest you read and explore the works of Abraham/Ester Hicks or Deepak Chopra.  I find myself often venturing through their books and getting excited about the possibilities they present.  I feel like each day I come upon a greater understanding of our human capacities and when I have more I can share, I share it here at my blog.  

There is still much for me to understand but I keep on reading, exploring and writing because that feels like what I am here to do.  Life is so exciting to me because I see that I am passionate about being as conscious and realized as I can be.  My higher nature and its realization is my driving force that invites, encourages and inspires my life.  What higher calling invites the best in you?