Stick Your Toe In The Cosmic Soup

Our fluid nature as I talked about yesterday is something to contemplate even further.  Yes you and I are in constant change as is the universe.  Everything is continually evolving from the smallest living things, to us, and even the entire universe.  Today you will evolve/expand from your thoughts, emotions and desires more towards what you want.  Take some time today to notice the subtle movements of your expansion.

Yes your thoughts are very important and day in and day out these thoughts shape your world and how you experience it.  If your thoughts support the kind of life you want, then your chances of creating that life are significantly greater.  Your mind is a powerful tool.  Most likely you know that.  If not take a minute and imagine a tangerine and see it in your mind, then imagine peeling it and pop one of those delicious segments into your mouth, now taste the rich sweetness of this wonderful little fruit.  Your mind can imagine and it can manifest.  Notice also the influence of your thoughts on how you experience today.

Your emotions are you in motion, you vibrating with the energy of feelings.  Your emotions carry the pulse of your thoughts and make your body vibrate with desire.  The more feelings you have in alignment with what you desire, the more what you want comes irresistibly in your direction.  Feel the aliveness and energy of desire as you go about your day.

Now imagine a river in which all that is possible is floating past.  In a moment of passion and awareness you plunge yourself into the stream.  With emotions and consciousness you have surrounded yourself with the river of all that is possible and now what you want is there for the enjoyment of having.  You are the river and the realization of the flow.  On a particle level your unity with the river of water and air and all of life is beyond question.  

If you doubt this flow of oneness stick your toe in the cosmic soup of your expanding self and see what is waiting.  It is warm and delicious and infinite.