Try This Down the Stream Experiment

Are you fighting up the stream to prove you can do what you are determined to do?  Or are you willing to go with the flow and have what you desire effortlessly?  I suspect you were trained to feel that fighting up the stream was better and nobler.  

Those that succeed against all odds are glorified in our culture.  They are appreciated for their efforts.   The harder you work, the greater the glory is what so many of us have been taught.   Most religions are based on the glory of suffering and effort.  People actually believe suffering is ok now because of some afterlife they are promised.  Sacrifice and determination are considered great virtues.  Yet, possibly we all have these ideas wrong.  It seems ministers and leaders may be mixed up about suffering.

What if the key is to align with the flow of the universe and go with it?  What if the best way to have what you want is to follow your desires along the effortless path?  Would it be ok for you to experience peace and joy on the path to having what you want?  What if all your efforts are not really needed?  What if your higher knowing can manifest all that you want if you just align with this wiser more expanded you?  

I want to share a radical point of view here.  You can have what you desire if you go with the flow and align with your higher knowing.  Effort is not necessary.  Sure at times action may be needed but it won’t be something that is a struggle.  Struggle only is necessary if you are not working the ways of your intuition and higher wisdom.

I invite you to experiment with this idea of going with the flow, effortless effort, floating with the current or whatever you want to call it.  Take something you want in your life and try working hard for it over the next week and notice your results; then try aligning with your inner knowing, and step joyous into the flow of what is possible, again in a week notice the results.  Do this experiment several times and see what happens.  

I will predict that the effortless path will be the most effective if you can allow that to happen.  Do not take seriously the guilt you may feel for taking the easy way.  That is just plain faulty thinking.

I am going to do the same experiment but only focus on the streaming side since I am already an expert at too much effort.  I will let you know what my results are throughout the month of August.  I feel by the end of the month I will know much more about this hypothesis and hopefully experiencing a wonderful and abundant flow of what I desire.   Let me know what happens for you.