The Same or Positive Change?

It is Friday and I had a good week how about you.  I hope you gave the down the stream article yesterday a good reading and that you are fully committed to experimenting with living life in the rich and abundant flow of the universe.  I am dedicated to realize my fullest potential and I believe that is only possible moving downstream in touch with my intuition and higher self.

Today I feel the need to make some comments on the political world we live in.  Obama is now under a near constant attack of John McCainPeople go on full attack when they are afraid.  John McCain seems afraid of his opponent, and from what I can see, he has good reason to be concerned.  

Our country is in a mess and the Republican party has to take responsibility for it.  McCain has no new ideas only the old ones that got us into the mess we have.  Our economy is a mess and it is because of the very disappointing leadership over the last 8 years.  Here are some of the major disappointments I see and these all work against McCain:

•    The needless and deadly war in Iraq
•    The poor care of our vets including neglect, high suicide rates and 4 out of 10 women in the military report being sexually assaulted
•    The huge swing from budget surplus to massive debt from what was suppose to be a conservative administration.  
•    The torture of prisoners by our government
•    The huge network of spying on Americans in violation of the law.
•    The acting by the President as if he is above the law
•    The 2000 executive orders nullifying parts of laws passed by Congress because the president didn’t like them
•    The alienation of the USA from the rest of the world
•    The holding of prisoners without legal rights
•    The infrastructure of our national road systems is a mess because of neglect
•    The huge unchecked profits of the oil companies all friend of this administration
•    The manipulation of scientific research by this administration to show results they wanted even if they are not the truth
•    The gutting of many agencies set up for the protection and safety of our nation
•    The near police state set up by the grossly misnamed Patriot act
•    Even the NRA has paid spies to infiltrate gun control groups
•    The huge rise in bankruptcy by the senior members of our country due to medical costs that have soared over the past 8 years
•    The total lack of accountability in Congress making it look like DC has only one party, the Money Influence Party
•    The blatant neglect of care for our environment is clearly greed winning out over a healthy future
•    This imperial presidency not only seems to think it is above the law but also has done everything possible to make the rich richer on the backs of the rest of the nation
•    The bailout of financial giants and the neglect of the people in need

There is much more to be concerned about if you value democracy.  If you vote this November please take the time to be informed and vote for positive change.