More Flow With Joe

Today I have just returned from my bike to the gym and back.  It is hot already but I hardly noticed as I was focused on riding with the flow.  Riding down a slight hill seems almost effortless.  Of course there are times when there are uphills and that is when it is time to gear down to make the ride more in the flow.   As you can tell I am writing again about living life and flowing with the universe and about heading down steam to the effortless realization of that which you desire.

I want to clarify two points here.  First, for those of you insistent on effort, there will be challenges up ahead even on the most downhill paths.  Life just tends to present us with opportunities for growth.  So it is ok to go with the flow and lighten up some from the push, push, push that you have been driving yourself to do.  This effortful way is ok but the results you seek are not upstream.

The second point is that as you get clear about what you want, your Higher Self prepares to make it happen and you emotions can bring you and your Higher Self together.  This coming together appears to be essential for manifesting what you desire.  You begin by have this desire to experience something and your Higher Self moves into readiness.  You then must raise your regular self to meet you Higher Self and the path seems to be emotions.  

This is where my experimentation goes next.  I want to raise my emotional state to one of joyous expectation.  On my ride I experimented with staying in a joyous state by imagining my life with total financial freedom.  I noticed my thoughts and attention wandered easily.  My goal this weekend is to have some quiet and focused time to align self with Self.  

Are you will to try this too?  If so, here is what I am going to try: I am going to imagine that I already have what I desire and feel all the great emotions that come along with having it.  I am going to explore this easily but with focus.  I will explore Joe In The Flow in this visualization.  The visualization will be fun and light but with intention.  Earlier on my bike ride I stopped along a stream and listened to the flow, felt the flow, and appreciated the flow.  

Let me know how it goes.  You and I will get to where we want because we are willing to open to what is possible.