Running As Fast As I Can Downhill

Today was an experiment in flow as I ran through the mountains.  I ran for a long time pushing myself up so I could remind myself what going upstream felt like.  Actually if I shorten my stride and use my arms more, the uphill is not as bad.  Running in the mountains make me stronger but I was thinking does it have to be so hard to get the results I want.  The good thing about running in this kind of terrain is that if there is a long grueling uphill as there was today than there was also long down hill part.  I felt like I was really flowing as I let myself fly so effortlessly down the trail.  Going with the flow has it benefits in so many ways.

The part I keep being aware of is that my Higher Self is already fully engaged in what I want, I just need to assist the daily me (self) in showing up fully in my thoughts and my emotions.  The joy and freedom that is possible from bringing my Self and self together is my driving force.  

Exploring this path of least resistance sound right to me, feels right to me, and it makes sense.  I have come to suspect, that on an unconscious level, there is some past thoughts, feelings and or experiences that are keeping me from letting go and flowing down stream.  I feel like I have thoroughly examined what I am conscious of so what blocks me must be unconscious.  Maybe I am not blocked and simply need to get out of my own way.

What helps me stir up the unconscious is journaling, mindfulness practice, paying attention to my intuitive messages, and the questions of others.  I help people all the time with the questions I ask, maybe I need to find someone who can ask the questions I need to be asked.  Talking with someone is worth exploring because it gets me out of the endless cycle of my own repetitious thoughts.  As a counselor/coach, I do this work every day and see the benefits.

So if you get stuck let me know and I can lend you a hand by assisting you to get past what is in your way, what is unconscious and what is in your blind spots.  Have a good week and notice when you are in the flow or against it.