Your Doubts And Limits

So far it seems, I have gotten my toes in the downstream but my whole body/mind appears to be sorting through the layers of past, thoughts, limiting beliefs and unconscious stuff.  Could it really be easy and effortless?  Can I really have what I want?  These are two questions that have knocked at my door of uncertainty.  Fully submerging into the flow takes trust and focus and I will get there even if the past haunts of conditioning take further sorting. 

What past doubts and present limits linger in you?  Here are some that may fit or not:

•    You are not enough
•    You don’t deserve
•    You have to work hard
•    You think desire is dangerous
•    You have to suffer more
•    You don’t fully accept yourself
•    You are filled with self-doubt
•    You expectations are unrealistic
•    You have too much to do to relax into success
•    You have a punishing image of God rather than a loving one
•    You have old limiting beliefs that need to be revised
•    You need to feel ok letting go more and relaxing
•    You have become way to serious about life
•    You have forgotten how to be joyous
•    You think playing is for kids
•    You don’t trust your intuition
•    You have lost touch with your creativity
•    You let your ego run the show
•    You refuse to ask for help
•    You are determined to do it on your own
•    You are stuck and need to ask for feedback
•    You think you get more credit for suffering
•    You are depressed because that is how you learned to be
•    You keep plowing away despite results
•    You are afraid but need to stir the pot
•    You don’t want to leave your comfort zone
•    You would rather not take risks
•    You like to blame others and circumstances
•    You spend too much time complaining
•    You always protect your heart
•    Your mind is closed to new ideas

What other limiting ideas are holding you back?  It is time to go searching around and see what you can discover.  It is only you getting in the way of what you want.  Are you committed to moving on?