Being An Oddball Sets You Free

The blog yesterday suggested what some of the limits might be that you have put on yourself.  NONE of those have to be true and many are just a change in your thinking and feeling.  There is however a bit of reality that may cause you to proceed cautiously.  If you express your uniqueness, you will not be like everyone else.  That means your expression of who you are, will make seem somewhat or genuinely an oddball.  I see that as a plus.  

An oddball is someone not like most people.  Unique people like myself and some of those that read this blog are different, we standout in our genuineness.  Who you see is what you get.  I suggest, that being bold and willing to take risks, makes people much more interesting.  Living fully is more fun as you dance through life rather than doing the slow shuffle.

Be cautious about settling for less, about seeking the approval of others, and about letting the expectations of others direct you.  No one knows what is better for you than you.  That is not to say outside feedback isn’t helpful because it can be but it is never as helpful as your intuition or you inner knowing.  Following your heart makes so much more sense then follow what others expect of you.  Getting people to approval of what you do is a major waste of energy.  Just watch the ways of a politician, they are driven to get the approval of everyone and in the process seem to lose what is most important to them, their values.

I suggest, that in alignment with our flowing downstream analogy, each of us lets who we are out into the light of our full expression.  That is truly flowing downstream as we allow ourselves to be free of whatever social conditioning we received that says we have to be certain ways.  When guided by our real values, the social rules don’t pertain.

Last week I mentioned that I listened to Robert Thurman being interviewed and he is definitely a free spirit/oddball type that is also brilliant and has many interesting things to say about the world we live in.  He is free to express who he is and an inspiration to me.  Check him out at

Have a fun day full of being who you are.