You Can’t Be Ordinary And Extraordinary

You can’t be ordinary and extraordinary.  What is it you choose to be?  That choice is often a daily decision.  Life constantly presents all of us opportunities to be tuned in to our higher natures as we navigate the waters of our life.  When we listen and align with the source within, we know where to go and what to do to make our lives work, as we would want them to.  When we don’t tune in and listen then all hell can break loose or more simply we struggle against the tide.

I noticed I am using the water analogy a lot in my writing and have been missing the ocean.  My years of living on the West Coast with easy access to the ocean served me water needs well.  Here in Colorado it is very dry and rivers are more like the creeks where I grew up in the Pacific Northwest.  The ocean is something of a cosmic soup from which it feels like we all come from.  To be near it feels nurturing and comforting to me.  Before I lived here in Boulder, I lived for 9 years in Santa Barbara where I spent many hours walking/running/biking the beach and cliffs along a very beautiful part of our country.

I felt like I lived more downstream there in Santa Barbara as far as flow.  I want to recreate that relaxed and joyous life free from so much doing.  What is it you want to create?  What kind of place nurtures you?  Where do you feel most in the flow?  Is your heart open to having what you desire?

All of this exploration of desire sends me closer to where I want to go.  The joy that is there from aligning with my source is just on the other side of the door.  I am knocking as I write and the door is beginning to open.  I will keep you abreast as to what happens next and please share your discoveries as you explore also.  Enjoy the day you have been given to experience.