Bush, Olympics, Religion, Ego

Did you have a fun and relaxing weekend?  Are you good at letting go of all that is on your mind and just enjoying life?  There is so much going on out there in the world, how do you pay attention yet not get overwhelmed?  What are your biggest concerns for you, your family and the planet?  

Last night during the Olympic coverage President Bush came on for and interview with Bob Costas.  He was, as always, kind of folksy talking sports and world politics and I just had to appreciate how well he is holding up despite the truly horrible job he has done as the CEO of our country.  It seems to me that the only people he has represented well during these 8 years are those in oil and the very rich.   He brought up religion a couple of times as if it was something he was throwing into the conversation.  I was confused because he does not act like he is a spiritual person in any way.  

I separate religion and spirituality as totally different.  Religion to me is mainly big organizations that try to tell you what to think and believe and it is seems more about controlling the masses than about a person’s relationship with a Higher Power.   Spirituality is all about a person’s relationship with the Creative Source of the Universe and is about finding our own truth.  Spirituality is not about ego, about control, or some faulty ideas that God supports war.   

The awful tradition of murdering other human beings through war in the name of God is pure delusion.  This President says, he was guided to attack Iraq by God.  He is delusional and his arrogance has been very costly to our nation.  He has let truly spiritual people down by his reckless attitude about human life.  His ego is what drove him to war and nothing else.   

When are we going to move beyond ego and instead be guided by our higher knowing oneness with the Divine?  When are we going to live according to the higher laws of human values like love, compassion, kindness, understanding and consciousness?  

I think for us to have genuinely inspired leadership, we need to also be open to the inspiration and guidance of our own higher nature.  Our leadership is a reflection of our own state of mind and heart.  An open, peaceful mind and an open, compassionate heart is a great place to start.   

Have a good week and remember to listen inward so you can hear the guidance that is available to show you how to step into the rich, healthy and abundant flow of the life downstream.