A Positive Experiment In Challenging Times

The night before last as I listened to Mr. Bush being interviewed at the Olympics. I found myself judging him as he said we have no problems in America.  I thought he is so in denial of what is going on.  Today I thought from the mouth of the unknowing could still come wisdom.  This denial of problems is what could be called flowing downstream.  The more we focus on what we want and being in a joyous state, the more it can become reality. 

This got me thinking about my lists that I create for this blog about all the wrong things going on in government, corporations, religion etc.  These are all upstream thoughts, these are list that take me away from what I want.  This is a big dilemma for me because I feel so strongly about helping people be aware but does awareness have to come from seeing what is wrong.  Stay with me as I explore this.

Awareness can also come from paying attention to our hearts, from slowing our minds down, from feeling compassion for others, from our intuitive wisdom, from acts of kindness, from seeking the truth, from creative expression, from being grateful, from sitting and walking meditation, from prayer and other spiritual practices and more.  Awareness is about being conscious, awake, with and open heart and mind.  Awareness is possible by being fully present to the moment.  

Spending time reading about all the things that are wrong about the political process and corporate power is not where I want to focus my mind so that I can flow downstream.  I want to be informed enough to know but spending time writing, talking and thinking about what is wrong is working upstream.   If this is true then I want to focus only on the highest human possibilities.  I want to focus on the solutions rather than the problems.

As I write this I sense an experiment coming into my thoughts.  I will not write about, talk about, or focus on what is wrong in the World for the next two weeks (This may extend if I can hold back my desire to rant).  I will only read briefly enough to keep informed.  I already have stopped watch any TV news.  I can now fully focus on what is going well, what is uplifting, what is a positive direction or a new expanded viewpoint, or hopeful solutions etc.    

I feel somewhat unsure about this experiment but I will give it a try.  Higher Consciousness for the planet I suspect is on a one by one basis until the entire planet is lifted up by the collective consciousness.  I will not ignore what is going on and say everything is fine but instead focus on the positive and inspirational aspects of the times we live in.  

What do you think?  Is this worth a try and does it have merit? What version of this experiment might you be willing to try?  I am now releasing the paddles and letting myself go with the flow.