Effortless Kindness and Compassion

As I was briefly looking over my news sources on the Internet, I was struck by how little was really news of any importance and how much was more the stuff of People Magazine or less prestigious publications.  I also found lots of opinion, it seems everybody and many of us bloggers are full of opinion.  It made me think about why has opinion replaced real news in many of the media outlets?  

What are your thoughts about what’s happened to the lack of emphasis on real news?  I wonder if this is more about distraction away from what we should be paying attention to, the stuff that matters?  

I don’t have any answers but I suspect the solution would be for the people to ask for what they want and no longer support what isn’t meeting their needs.  No traffic to networks, newspaper stands, or website, no advertising, discontinuing cable and things change naturally toward what people want.   I hope that doesn’t sound like support for unrestricted capitalism.

In my attempting to not focus on what is wrong, I find myself looking at what we can do, what are the solutions.   However just posing solutions assumes a problem.  There is more need for research here on how to write and talk about concerns and not get pulled into the struggle of figuring things out.

Let just say the flow is more the effortless path and working out solutions may be more effort than needed.  The other alternative may include being aware and then going forward with my own intentions to raise my own consciousness.  We still need to protect people and the planet and that is where I am still working through my thinking.  I want to make sure there is compassion and kindness but not from the effortful ways that is usually generated.  

It feels like I am all over the place.  It seems obvious to me and probably even more obvious to you that I don’t have the answers and I am in the process of writing (thinking) out loud.  What out loud thoughts do you have about this trying to be compassionately engaged and yet not caught up in the drama of today’s world?

I am stopping now and cooling my jets in the stream as I let go and let other than my thoughts guide me.  

Here is a quote I came upon today that I thought you might find or interest:  

The fruit of self-understanding is self-acceptance.  The fruit of self-acceptance is self-love.  The fruit of self-love is love for the world.  The fruit of love for the world is service to the world.  The fruit of service to the world is peace.”  Russell Rowe