Are You A Cultural Creative?

How was your day yesterday?  Mine was busy with work, writing and working out.  Sometimes I seem too stuck in my ways.  Habits and what is familiar is easy to go with.  Going with the flow however does not mean going down the same path all the time.  If I do things the way I always do them and expect different results than I am kidding myself.  Always listening inward and exploring outward seems essential.   

Have you heard of the Cultural Creatives
?  I was reading in the current issue of What Is Enlightenment magazine the latest thoughts about this movement many of us are in even if we don’t realize it. 

Are you a cultural creative?  If this fits, you are:
•    You are able to see the bigger picture
•    You are concerned about he planet and sustainability
•    You can see beyond your own needs
•    You identify yourself with non-traditional spirituality
•    You believe in civil rights and equal rights
•    You involve yourself in grass roots politics
•    You consider yourself part of a wisdom culture
•    You seek to be more conscious
•    You explore and express higher values
•    You are more global than nationalistic
•    You believe in the power of love and compassion
•    You want well-being and health care for all
•    You value creativity and innovation
•    You have an open mind and explore leading edge ideas
•    You are progressive in your thinking and politics
•    You are comfortable with change
•    You value nature for its beauty and healing attributes
•    You have as a goal to wake up
•    You are leery of power and the drive of the ego
•    You see yourself as out of the mainstream
•    You value your own uniqueness
•    You tend to be solution oriented
•    You have hope for a future guided by cultural creative people like you

Do these qualities fit for you?  If you would like to hear an interview by one of the experts of the cultural creative movement checkout

Cultural Creatives have the ability to link their Higher Self with the day-to-day self.  Cultural Creatives are gaining in influence and will be a critical force in moving the planet in a positive direction.