The Higher Knowing Channel

Yesterday afternoon I ate too many M&M’s at wholesale mart.  This is our first venture into this wholesale market for our peace business of t-shirts, stickers, etc.   The Olympics continue and the performances are wonderful to watch.  The level of excellence lifts up everyone who watches and reminds us all that we have so much potential.  

I have been doing more thinking and exploring about the topic of flowing towards my desires and I came up with 40 factors to look at more deeply and to share as I gain insight and awareness.  

One thing that became very clear to me is that I can share my ideas and that can be helpful but there are no shortcuts.  You too will have to do the direct exploration so you can gain your own understanding.  Sure others can show you the way, or share what worked and what didn’t, but then it still falls to you.   

This inner journey is a rich one and it is about self-realization.  My sharing is about giving you ideas and experiences that I have so you can use them to enrich your own learning and growing.  

Here is what I want to share today:
The best and easiest way to join the downstream is to quiet your mind and listen to the guidance inside waiting to show you the way.  This intuitive knowing is found in the silence of your mind, in the quiet wisdom of your heart, in your oneness with the source of all creation, in your spirit that is eternal and unlimited.  There is no inside scoop I can give you, there is only listening to what you know when you are connected to your Higher Self.  The exploration of your inner wisdom will be rewarding in many ways.  

Now follow this practice and see what happens:

Take some time in the next few days to be in silence, invite your higher knowing to communicate with you.  This may take some time (days, weeks or more) to establish this clear channel.  It also means turning of the TV, radio and music players and allow the silence.  The most important thing to do is just listen.  You will know the Higher Knowing Channel is on because the messages feel right in your gut, in your heart and in the part of you that is larger than this single lifetime.   Keep on listening and you will always be shown the way to the stream and the direction of the current.  You cannot fail at this, you will only get more and more tuned in.  

The more tuned in you are the greater the flow of what you want becomes possible.  Then one day you will desire it and it will happen immediately.  Watch for that happening in small ways now, like a call from a friend you miss, or kindness from others, or an opportunity comes your way, or getting somewhere becomes much easier, or you feel open and appreciate the present moment.  Little things appreciated open the flow even more.  

Have a fun week.