Acceptance of Your True Self

Last night after a lengthy discussion about various aspects of healthy living, the people in the group treatment I facilitate decided that the key aspect to recovery and to a fulfilling life is the acceptance of our true self.  In other words if you want your life to having meaning and flow to it, you must acknowledge and accept both your self as you are and your Higher Self.   This is an excellent summary and feels right to me.

Acceptance is possible when you quit being run by society’s need to judge; to place everything in two columns: good or bad.  You are neither good or bad, sometimes some of your behavior has been less than you want or better but never good or bad.  Sometimes you have let yourself down or been disappointed but that does not make you bad.  Sometimes you haven’t lived up to the expectations of yourself or others and that doesn’t make you bad.  Getting past the conditioning of our families, our schools and churches can be a task.  

My suggestion is that you let go and step into the downstream toward what you want and away from what you are suppose to want.  Give up the idea that you have to struggle against good and evil.  That is a religion thing and most likely not true, more the invention of the human mind.  Flow is natural; flow is the way to go.

The true self is a worthy discussion.  There seems to be a greater power in the universe than you and I.  That power is part of us not some separate entity situated somewhere above us.  We are one with that Source power and only words and false concepts can make us think we are less than or not part of this greater Source.  So let’s just accept that we are one with the Creative Force of the universe.  Since we are, is there any reason we shouldn’t fully accept ourselves?

This acceptance of self is both the self of daily living and the Self of unity with the Creative Force.  When we accept, we place ourselves in union with the flow and the Source.  How could we not manifest what we want in this place of unity?  

This discussion is not only about manifesting but also realizing are fullest potential.  In the flow we are in union with what is ultimately possible and how could that be anything less then wonderful and amazing?  

Acceptance of Self and self brings together a powerful force that allows you to fully express yourself with passion and purpose.  Isn’t this what life is about?  Let me know if this makes sense to you?