Questions For Optimizing Flow

Today these questions came flooding out of me about how you and I can take the next step in realizing the effortless possibilities innate within us.  How can we step into the rich flow from source and have the life we want?

Questions to fine-tune your inner landscape for optimal flow

What have you been learning that is reshaping how you view the world?

What areas of your personal growth do you see progress in?

How do you limit your success?

What ways is your mind and asset for your success and what ways does it get in your way?

How well do you pay attention to your emotions and what do they tell you?

What thoughts and feelings cause you to unnecessarily struggle?

What makes you happy; fills you with joy?  

What holds you back inside form going for what you want?

What gives your life meaning and purpose?

Is your heart open enough to have the love you want?

How does your self-criticism limit your ability to be successful?

What ideas or beliefs did you learn growing up that are getting in your way today?

How do you expand your ability to trust yourself and others?

What unrealistic expectations do you place on yourself?

How do you make contact with your higher wisdom?

How do you get unstuck when you need to?

What part of your past do you need to let go of and move on from?

What matters most to you?

Why is it important to take good care of your body?

What is the Spirit it you?

What does “being in the flow,” mean to you?

What does it mean to accept your true self?

Take the necessary time to answer these questions because they can give you important insights and move your life in a positive direction.