Raising Our Emotional Vibrations

Last night I watched the 200 meter men’s track finals at the Olympics where Usain Bolt won and set a world record beating a time many thought would be the best for many years.  It is so amazing to watch someone move so easily and so fast.  It must be a rush to be so clearly the best and so relax at the same time.  

I hope you got some time to go over my questions from yesterday.  They are for your further awareness and to empower you towards the life you know is possible.  I am still working on the questions myself and getting the benefit of writing the answers out.  Too often our thoughts rattle around in our head; in writing them out we have an opportunity to get much greater clarity.

Raising my feeling vibration/response to life is what I want to focus on today.  My feelings are a key component to my success.  The more I raise the vibration of what I feel the more I open to aligning with the potential in me.  Feelings like fear, anger, dislike, and disappointment take me way from alignment with my higher Self.  Feeling like relief, hope, love and joy bring all of me into alignment.

Here is a practice to try through the weekend:

When you feel in the struggle of emotions, take some time to replace the struggle with more expansive feelings.  When you feel down, instead focus on something that makes you feel more energized and empowered like excitement about a new challenge.  When you feel afraid, focus on opening your heart.  Love is more powerful and besides, you can’t feel love and fear and the same time.  So when you feel stuck imagine, explore, and/or take action in ways to move you in to being fully functioning.  You can always change your state by changing your focus.  

As I fell asleep last night my mind entered the experience of flying like the World fastest man Usain Bolt did and I entered into the flow and felt the joy of my fullest expression.