Olympics, Sports and Human Excellence

The Olympics, the athletes and their performances are a joy to watch because they represent humans functioning at a high level physically, mentally and emotionally.   I have competed as an athlete in distance running and tennis and enjoyed competition in several other sports.  In my work I have provided sports psychology to athletes in gymnastic, distant running, golf, tennis and several other sports.   There is real joy in experiencing excellence and in assisting others to performing at their highest level.  

Athletes performing at their best speak of being in the flow, of the effortless in the midst of great effort.  We can all learn from watching and sharing this journey over the next few weeks.  This is all part of our expansive education at being in the downstream flow of life.

Let me know what inspires you and I will do the same.  Let me know what insights you gain and I will also share mine.  Let yourself be shown the way to being extraordinary by these men and women and I will also be open to the extraordinary in my life.  

Today we sold our peace shirts and talked some politics at a small street event near our Farmer’s Market.  It felt good to be interacting with others in this way.  Checkout my peace site at www.peace-together.com.  

Have a good evening and remember you too can be a star in your life.